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About Ilona Luff


Hello there!

I'm so glad you are here! It tells me you are one step closer to the transformation you are seeking! 

My name is Ilona and I have been working as a Personal Transformation Coach, Trauma Informed Somatic Breathwork Practitioner, Prenatal and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Nutritionist for almost 8years.

I believe in a well-rounded approach to transformation, mental health and wellness, which led me on the experiential path of studying Emotional Intelligence, Somatics and Different methods of Behavior Change and Coaching.

The methodology I use is based on the deep cutting edge work that allows you to go to the root of the things that keep you stuck or hold you back in life, creating a lasting change Inside-Out.

Passion to serve humanity on the deeper level led me to pivot in my business a few years ago from a Personal Trainer to a Transformation Coach, which allowed me to support my clients with different areas of their lives - relationships, business, career, finding a soulmate, parenting, finding purpose and creating impact. 

I'm really stocked to hear from you, where would you like to experience a transformation in YOUR life?  Click below to get in touch with me.

All my love,


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