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StrongHer Mama Postpartum Program


Now, that your baby is here, it's even more important to take great care of YOU mama! Baby blues, lack of sleep, Postpartum depression, maintaining milk supply while trying to get stronger to keep up with your fast-growing baby...I went through it all!

Most importantly, I'm here to help you go through this vulnerable, ever-changing and challenging period of your life with the best tools I've learned! Those tools and my approach allowed me not only "get my body back"  - as I don't believe we lose it - but get in the best shape of my life mentally & physically!

My program helps you reconnect with your inner core muscles via Diaphragmatic breathing, safely return to exercise, heal diastasis recti, get rid of low back pain, let go of unwanted pounds in a sustainable manner, get your core strong and sexy ;) Most of those tools and exercises I teach you are a gift you can pass on to your children. I strongly believe that gift of health & well being is the best gift we can give yourselves and those around us!

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