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StrongHer Mama Prenatal Program 

  Healthy mama, healthy baby! 

  If you are currently pregnant and looking for guidance on safe and effective training to stay healthy, decrease chances for gestational diabetes, manage the pregnancy weight gain and learn how to engage your core to prepare you for labor, I'm so glad you are here!


  Pregnancy, just like a postpartum is a gentle period for any woman and her baby, which I believe requires a delicate approach and holistic knowledge.


  Labor and delivery are mom's first marathon! Average marathon time is 5hrs and average labor is 12-24hrs.  Average training hours it takes to prepare for marathon is 150-300hrs, and average training women get before their labor - 20-30hrs. Most of us wouldn't run a marathon without proper training for it, right? 

  That is why I've created a well-rounded program, that starts with learning the foundation of health - Diaphragmatic Breathing, that not only helps a mom-to-be get strong physically, connect to the inner core muscles that will help during the labor but is a fantastic tool that will speed up and make sure for a proper postpartum recovery. Diaphragmatic breathing tools I teach are some of the best tools to help during pregnancy, labor and when your baby is here to self-regulate and overcome the challenges of mom-life.

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