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3 Tips to Stay Consistent With Working Out

One of the biggest things most of people straggle with when it comes to working out is staying consistent. Interestingly enough #1 factor that is going to determine whether someone is going to reach any goal is consistency at execution of the plan.

It's not that hard to start. We can all start working on a new project, idea, fitness goal, but what happens after awhile? We've all been there and done that, so you know the answer. You started something you were so excited about at first, but down the road something happened and it gets harder and harder to stick to the routine or plan you've laid out for yourself.

There are multiple reasons for that and what motivates one person isn't necessary going to motivate another. The very first tip I have for you will be about finding YOUR WHY, and before you check out (I bet you've heard it so many times) stick around, you might learn something new today. ;)

1. Find Your Why.

Here's what you're going to do different this time. The first time you ask yourself this question "Why do I need to start working out?" I can almost guarantee your answer is going to be "because I want to lose weight". The problem is "to lose weight" isn't going be a strong enough reason to get you out of the warm bed in the morning to go to the gym. Or even to go workout after work, when you are tired and drained after a long day. This is the time when you need to ask yourself again: "Why do I need/want to lose weight?". That's when digging deeper comes into play and some interesting things might come up. For example, you might want to lose weight to start feeling confident again without your clothes on, or to get healthy so you can get off that medicine, or just have more energy for the day. After you find your second reason you are almost there, it's when you ask yourself one more time the same question, based on your second answer. The answer to that might be "I want to start feeling more confident again, because I'm tired of being single and insecure and want to go out on dates again without feeling ashamed of my body". Or "I want to get healthy, because I want my kids to have a good role model for how to live a healthy lifestyle so they don't have to go through what I've been dealing with".

That third reason is your most compelling "why" and is more likely to help you, when you are debating whether to take that crazy class that gets you sore or not.

2. Take Progress Pictures

Weight on the scale is very subjective and you shouldn't get too attached to the number. Losing fat is achieved by changing body composition, so sometimes the scale might not be moving but you are losing inches off your waist and getting more muscle, and as we know muscle weights as much as fat but takes up way less space.

Another reason for that, if you base the progress you've made on just looking at yourself in the mirror - it's not the best idea, because you look at yourself everyday and it's not easy to notice the little changes. And when you finally start seeing improvements in your physique, it serves as motivation you need to keep going.

3. Make Your Gym Time to Fit Your Schedule

Let's be honest, no one is going to stick to waking up at 5am when you go to bed at 12am regularly or go to the gym at 8pm when you've been up since 5am and have been busy all day long. Sit down and think what 3 (or 4) days and what times you can cut out 1 hour to dedicate to working on your body on regular basis. Once again, consistency is key :).

To sum it all up, you always find time to do important things and your health is one of them.

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