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Should You Eat Breakfast to Lose Fat

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Some of us wake up starving and ready to eat right off the bat, while others can't even think about putting food in their tummies for a few hours upon waking up.

Some studies has shown that making people that don't eat #breakfast end up having a harder time loosing weight. Other studies are able to prove #intermittentfasting ( when you skip your usual breakfast and eat first meal later on) is the key to staying lean.

We are all so different in so many ways. One thing that works wonders for one women, will have no effect (or sometimes will cause even the opposite).

You do YOU, boo! ;)

So, do you need to eat breakfast to lose weight?

Yes...and No! Confusing, I know! There are many reasons that speak for and against it. No matter whether you decide to eat breakfast or not: the main thing is that you listen to your body and keep your personal goal in mind. If your stomach is already growling as you get out of bed, you should give your body the energy it needs. But don’t force yourself to eat when you don’t feel like it. Remember, eat when you hungry and put your fork down when you start to feel full.

Eating breakfast can be good for you, but the morning meal doesn't cause weight loss. So for some women, skipping breakfast works better. Skipping breakfast allows you to save your calories for later in the day. For some, this means that they consume fewer calories throughout the day and lose weight faster.

My concern would be If you skip breakfast and find yourself at the vending machine eating junk food later in the morning. In this case eating breakfast might be best for you. But if you're trying to lose weight and breakfast isn't important to you, then skipping breakfast might work. You may be able to eat a healthy high in protein snack and stay satisfied until lunch.

Whichever option you choose, keep your expectations in check. If you eat breakfast to lose weight, then you need to control portion sizes and keep your breakfast calories in check. If you skip breakfast to lose weight, you can't overeat at lunch or dinner time to compensate. In the end, it's the total number of calories you consume that matters - not the meal in which they are consumed. 

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