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How Often Should You Train a Muscle Group

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

When you work a muscle group during weight training, you are tearing down muscle fibers, which causes the muscle to grow. The recovery time between workouts gives your muscles a chance to heal and grow. If you train a specific muscle group too often, you compromise your body's natural response to weight training. Although individuals respond to exercise differently, training a muscle group once a week is generally sufficient.

However, the research has shown if you want the most #gains, you should train each muscle group twice a week.

Several studies have shown that women recover faster than men both from day to day and within a training session requiring shorter rest periods.

Your muscle group needs to rest at least 24 to 48 hours before you train it again. This doesn't necessarily mean that training a muscle group every two to three days is the best way to gain mass. Muscles recover and grow during rest, and larger muscles, such as those in your chest, take more time to recover than smaller muscles, such as your triceps and biceps. If you work a muscle group too often, you risk losing muscle tissue and strength.

Some considerations if you are gym lover and like to train often.

Targeting each muscle group once a week ensures that your muscles have time to recover before you train them again. When you give your muscles appropriate rest between training sessions, you improve their capacity to handle weight increases, which is essential to adding muscle mass. #Overtraining depletes glycogen stores, which hinders your muscles' ability to work at full capacity. Training fatigued muscles may also compromise your form, increasing your risk of injury.

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