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When You Are an Emotional Eater

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

In today's day and age #food is often times being used as a way to cope with emotions not just hunger.

How do we end up being addicted to certain foods? It actually happens when we develop an association between certain types of foods with specific #emotions (happiness, sadness, feeling bored, etc.).

You Can't Eat Your Way Out of it

Did you know that #1 #comfortfood for women and men is ice cream? Next on the list are #chocolate, #pizza, #cookies and #fastfood.

Let's assume that you are generally a healthy eater. It's a red flag when you start craving junk food and actually fulfill those cravings on regular basis. That is a sign it's time to take a closer look at what's going on in your life right now, what emotions you experience and what is the state you are in.

One great first step you can take right there on the spot is removing yourself from the situation. Leave the house, leave the kitchen. Get outside. Take a walk. If you’re at work, take a little break. Whatever you have to do, start coping in a different way.

Call your good friend or family member you can vent to. Talk to them. Do you feel better with journaling? Get your pen out and go sit outside, write your feelings down instead of feeding them!

Another clue that you may be an emotional eater is a need to have the desired food immediately, with no thought involved (because it will supposedly "solve" the way you feel), and an inability to stop eating, even when you may be full.

The main idea here is to become aware that reaching out for food is not going to solve anything and will only make things worse in a long term. That immediate satisfaction you might be getting from eating that ice cream/pizza/ you name it is not worth your long term goal.

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